Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh well, everyone's talking about Brunei's weather. sigh~ Yes, it's very very terrible! Can say almost whole Brunei black out ba.. (over exaggerate though) ESPECIALLY MY HOUSE TOO! No electricity, no current. Super inconvenient eh! When I was on my way home to Brunei on Monday, it started to rain heavily. Is this a way of welcoming me? hmm.. Then the next day, rained heavily again. I was stucked in Gadong for 2 hours plus till midnite, just to wait for the water level decrease. Gadong area flooded, even Kiulap, Beribi and more too! what a bad weather Brunei has! I just came back and everything was like, WHOA~ Flash flood, phone line down, no current.. suffering! Hope it's not because of me. HAHAHA! =p anyway, I wont online that frequent as before. Internet speed slow, current sot sot also. sigh~ sounds like I'm at somekind of backdated place.. what to do.. well, till here. =) will blog again soon. =) tata~ I MISS YOU!

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