Sunday, January 11, 2009


One more week and I'll be back! Nevertheless, I don't know whether I should be happy or sad. =\ confused.
Anyway, nothing much to blog about. Just uploaded some photos that we took in the class during break time. =)
WanQing, Amanda, Me & Sin Yee. They are good teammates to work with, and of cuz nice friends too! How I wish we'll still be in the same class in Year 2. Oh yea, talking about Year 2, I'm gonna be a Second year student soon on April, when school reopens. GOSH! I've been studying in RP for almost a year subconsciously. O.O ALright, back to the topic.. We were bored in the class, therefore we took A LOT of photos continuously, as if it runs like a video. Uploaded some of them here. =)
playing with Amanda's webcam..
Can see any similarity down here?
hint: Straight line. Yeap yeap, FRINGE! Three of us have the same bangs! thick and straight. HAHA! Here we go, playing with the webcam again.. Bursted out loud ! =D too bad, semester 2 is ending soon. =( Alright, shall stop the craps now. Signing off..

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