Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My school campus ~

Hihi ~ sorry for being late to post up my school campus's photos. well, here they are ~
pathway to RP.

buildings ~ different courses different building.

i like the field. it's all green and clean!
those buildings are named with E1~ E6, W1~W6. E stands for EAST & W stands for WEST.
the place u can have ur meal. feel like picnic-ing~ haha.

life... still have long way to go ~ haha. =p lame.

something so-called 'lake' kua. the building behind there is THE REPUBLIC CULTURAL CENTRE. will post up some photos inside the building after sometimes. =D
outside view of the library, level 1.

life is like full of rocks and bumpy roads~ haha. again~ =p


school's sports complex + olympic-sized swimming pool. *drooling~
third floor of sports complex.

the ADVENTURE LEARNING CENTRE. gonna climb it some days!

one of the foodcourts.

Seven Eleven.

wanna withdraw money?

night view of RP. b-e-a-u-tiful!
that's all for today! more pics coming in next post! XD ~

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