Friday, March 7, 2008

School life~

Hi~ It has been a week in RP, so gonna share with u about my school life or life or watever here. haha. =p.i my school officially starts on 7 april 2008, can say that my course commences on that day la. the reason that i'm here this early is, all international students are necessary to join the POLYTECHNIC BRIDGING PROGRAM. its something like orientation. i think? trying to adapt the teaching and learning style in RP and those. tell u ah, it's very advance here oh! almost everything thru online, using laptop. and and, all the campus is wireless! cool man. u can online anywhere at anytime. Every morning, u can see everyone's holding their own laptop walking to their prospective classes. during lesson, we use laptop too. go online to do research, use programs to do presentation and solve problems. and, meanwhile we go online chatting, surf net like frenster and those too. haha. shh.. =p so, overall, owning a laptop is very important in RP. hmm. kinda relax at the moment. =D the teaching and learning style here is very different in brunei. here, u muz be brave and able to speak out, stand up in the crowd. and u have to solve the problems/questions that are given thru presentation. which mean everyone have to go in front and present it! =/

the funny part abt my classmates, housemates, room mate and frens in RP (i'm referring to china people) is, all of them were shocked that i can really speak CHINESE. haha. i dun look like chinese izzit? shock as in really shock oh, their eyes became big and round and stared at me when i speak chinese. haha. " you can speak chinese ah? " hello~ i'm pure chinese wa. why cant i speak chinese? haha. i explained to them about my race, family and those for how many times but yet they still feel weird abt me. as if i come from outer-space. haha. even got ppl asked me where did my nenek moyang live in china before. like i know? =p

frequent questions asked by them~

Q: Where are u from? then you're malaysian or bruneian oh?

A: i'm from brunei. i'm malaysian, i born in malaysia, but grew up in brunei. consider as half bruneian half malaysian ba? haha.

Q: u come from brunei ah.. where's brunei oh?

A: er.. -.-"'.. brunei ah,it's a small country, located on borneo island lo. u noe where's borneo island (ask them balik agen)? their answer: "dunno." haha. kek dao. bo bian, cannot blame them, cuz brunei too small le. a tiny pea nia. =p and they told me that, if not bcuz of wu chun, they wouldnt know that brunei actually exists. haha.

Q: wu chun come from brunei rite? then brunei got many shuai ge like wu chun ah? cuz wu chun so handsome!

A: triple times -.-"'...! haha. brunei ah, i have no comment on this. =p got shuai ge, but u have to find lo.

And many many questions. answered them till no saliva le. haha. made quite lots of frens here. they are juz cute. quite fun being frens with them de actually. some of them have the same characteristics as my frens have in brunei too. so they will always make me think of brunei's frens. =D hehe.

i'm recovering now! wee~ recharging! not that terrible as the first few days i came to sg. i have my voice back, begin to hyper and physcho without reasons and back to normal de susan! haha. yay! trying to enjoy wat i have now, like frens, environments ( thumbs up for RP's environment!). hehe. luckily this sucky-stage gonna end soon. hope it'll end very fast. shiu shiu~ go away. =) hehe. juz realised that i'm kinda emo. agree? =p

well, i think that's all at the moment. quite long le. haha. hmm.. maybe next posts gonna be something about my daily life, routines and all those. =) and and, i think my eyes gonna have problem after sometimes. haha. cuz almost everyday look at the laptop from morning till nite, mata starting juling le. hha. blur blur* alright! red light on! hope to see ya all soon! cant wait* =p enjoy!

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