Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's saturday today, which means.. NO SCHOOL! haha. well, usually ppl sleep late and wake up late. me too. but! today i'm so unusual, i slept at 1am this morning and woke up at 5.30am! haha. so rajin eh, u might say. actually, i woke up this early cuz i need to go to Immigration and Checkpoint Authority @ Lavender to do student pass. need to get up early to shower and prepare, then have to walk to mrt station agen ( it takes 10mins to 15mins to walk from RP to mrt station). Jolin, Frances and I went together. =D

When we arrived there, there were soo many ppl man. like everyone's queuing up till round and round the building. like mao mao chong that long. haha. luckily we were the first one to register at the counter! =) After finish doing my student pass, we had our breakfast ther. then we went to bugis to shop. woo~ everything branded selling at the mall! @.@ so, window shopping nia lo. haha.

after that, we went to city hall, suntec city. there's an big big IT show, heard that's once in a year o. selling laptops, camera, mobile phones and lain lain. wow! u can find any brands of those machines there. got many floors of exhibition lagi. so crowded man! there were so many ppl squeezing here and there, lack of oxygen ah! in sg, u have to squeeze and line up anywhere (depends la). even using the escalators, to toilets, lifts and bla bla. mrt stations were full and packed, food courts were full too! like sen ern said, it's hard to find seats if u wanna eat at food courts. phew~

we accompanied jolin to buy laptop at the exhibition. she bought SONY VAIO CR35 PINK! nice nice. we brought this heavy laptop all the way to explore singapore with us! haha! =p after that, we went back to bugis agen, to buy laptop bag. and i bought one too!

Nice? $29 only. =D

Then, we went to orchard road to do the registration thingy for the laptop. we walked whole day ah. here to there and back to here agen with our heavy things. haha. nvm, exercising! while walking at the orchard road, we saw a lot of promotions. these are the things that we get. it's free~

they were promoting COCACOLA zero sugar. we took it two! XP was thirsty at that time too! haha.

Free discount vouchers of a shop.

Saw an advertisement about the "gong zhu xiao mei" romantic princess, they are coming tomoro for the "qian chang hui". wow. got wu chun, and some members of the fahrenheits, but no zhang shao han. =(. haha. anyway, dun think i'll go. XD then, we went back to hostel. so tired! legs pain, shoulder pain. bought some food for dinner.

Anlene yoghurt~ healthy? haha.

Takoyaki, sausage and fried mee~ definitely not healthy. XD

Later that nite...

us~ gather together, always. online online online! the lappy without owner, it's mine! =p

Have a nice weekend! tata~

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