Friday, March 14, 2008


i think i need to buy shoes or slipper every month. one pair per month. my gosh~ i walk everyday from north to south, east to west and my shoes gonna rosak le. plus, everyday raining lagi. kasian my shoes, bath and shower everyday. =/ how i wish there's teleport machine. juz one blink then u can reach the place u want. Finally, it's sunny day today! woosh~ my clothes can dry le! =D but i think it's going to rain again in this afternun, since the weather forecast said singapore will be a temporary 'cry-baby' for these three days. -.-"' i wonder if sg gonna flood or not~ haha XD Yesterday, we went to Jurong East after lesson at 4pm. for wat? shopping lo. and look around. cuz wanna explore singapore ma. haha=p. one of my frens asked:" why did u guys travel so far juz to go jurong east? why not orchard road, city hall or marina square?" we answered:" cuz we wanna explore sg ma. not only those places thou." it was raining yesterday, we walked with our umbrellas ( jolin started to sing umbrella~ ella~ ella~ eh~ eh~.... when she reminded us to bring it. HAHA. XD opps~) again, how nice if there's a teleport machine. =p we shopped, they bought clothes for themselves but i didn't. cuz i cant find the one i like. =/ but, i bought one set of mattress/bed cover thingy (cute cute and nice nice de pillow cover, bedsheet cover, bolster cover and thick blanket! ) =D i really hate the foodcourts in sg. soo hard to find seats. queue, wait. many ppl agen. but i love the food there! =p getting fatter now~ if in brunei, shuang le lo. can find any seats at any foodcourts. then, we reached home around 10.30pm. bath, tidy up, online and sleep~ *I mishh u all*

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