Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random post.

woke up early this morning. did the cleaning and ironing. =D

In the afternun, we went to supermarket, "Fair Price" (which is bonded by government) to buy groceries and some food to cook for our meals. agen, kaki pain, shoulder pain, muscles pain. haha! then later that night..

we cook!

in progress~

and we're the chef~ XD

ta ta! our products! =D

"why cook so many dishes de?" actually, we were having a big dinner for jolin's housemate, Toni, a vietnamese girl. it's her birthday today. so, we cooked and invited her frens to join too.

Toni~ happy birthday! =)

after dinner..

the crazy and cute vietnamese!

the 4 of us, Me, Gui Ping, Frances and Jolin.

here comes the vain me! XP

HAHA. tired* it's 11.30pm le. nite nite! hugs*

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