Friday, March 28, 2008

disappointed. >=S

it's end of march, which means i'm gonna move and stay with Frances them in this coming april le!! yippee ~ but so sad that Jolin's gonna move out to stay with her aunt. =( Then, i went to the hostel office and asked about my approval of the appeal form ( appeal to move to other unit). Me: hi! just want to ask, is my appeal form approved already? Office girl: Oh, hold on ya, i check for you. .........[ finding the form ].............. Office girl: Erm, they said u can move in, but u still need to wait for our call. Me: Really? then how long shud i wait and when are u guys gonna call me? Office girl: Around... end of april or mid of may like that. Me: WHAT? i still need to wait for more than a month??! why is it so? but i thought my fren (jolin) is asked to move out before April and therefore i can move in rite after she move out? Office girl: Because the office needs time to settle and arrange something. so, it's like this lo. ........ APAKAN! still need to wait for a month plus agen? so shitty la.. i tot SINGAPORE very fast and efficient de? !@#^*%$*$ really disapppointed. >=( eh, i pay for this and i get this kind of service in return? i dun care, u wait, i'm gonna complain u ~ juz a simple thing only and it needs them to take so long to handle it. gosh ~ gonna suffer again! so sad la.. sigh~

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