Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun day ~

yesterday, thursday, we had our Poly Bridging Programme closing ceremony. it was the end of the programme! i really did enjoy the programme at school. it was fun, especially with those frens. =D so, we wont be having lesson until 7th of april. that's mean, holidays time~ but we have lots of orientations in between. =D

this is my certificate of completing 4th level Poly Bridging Programme.

vain during closing ceremony~ =p

after closing ceremony, we have free food for lunch and....

we took took took pics in class!

us with indonesian-chinese frens. they are cute and funny! nice to be with~

after that, we all had a plan...

it's gui ping's bday yesterday, so we decided to give her a surprise party. we planned everything and everything was planned good! XD ~ in the afternun, we cooked. again ~

SUSHI~ jolin and i made it! yum yum*

ta ta ~ our products ~ japanese food, vietnamese food, philippines food, western food and chinese food! wahhaa. so international la~

we cooked secretly to prevent letting gui ping know. we asked Frances to bring her to shop around at mall to waste her time. we lied(jolin and i lied to gui ping that we're going to aunt house and not coming back for dinner and so she and Frances has to cook dinner for themselves) , called and contact Frances (to make sure gui ping is not around here) , panick and yada yada yada. after we cooked, we online and relaxed. we tot we stil have a lot of time as it was 7pm like that, cuz gui ping told Frances that she's coming at 8pm. actually we planned to bring the cake towards her when she open the door and sing bday song for her.

Suddenly.. *knock knock knock* ! all of us heart attack. we were trying to lower down our voices and kept asking who's out there. haha. shud have record that scene. XD. we then quickly brought the cake to study room and tried to light up. then Frances let her in. but we realised something stupid was that, we dun even have a lighter or match to light the candles uP! haha. in and out of the study room and here she goes! suddenly appeared in front of the study room! waAA ~ everything went boom and pooff~ we carried the cake without lighted-candles on it. somehow, it's successful tho, even thou we carried a unlighted-cake. haha. she was shocked and gan dong when she saw all the efforts and works we had done for her! hehe.


after party + dinner at about 10pm, we walked and hanged around at school till 12am. that's was really fun! we gathered many frens around and sat beside a park. we chit chat, playing guitar, singing, skateboard-ing, cycling, online and laughed out loud crazily! ....look!


WE, lepak around~

these funny frens ~ they play guitar very well and they sing well too! *touched when they performed songs. hehe.
it was like more than 10 ppl there gathered around and the feeling was very good! i love it! the weather was fine and the nite was young and fresh! hyper active today! =D
we went back to jolin's hostel, watch movie! so here i am now, blogging and they are watching movie. *tick tock tick tock* it's 3am now. haha. opps~ =p that's all for today. ta ta~ juz realised that this post is sooo looong. =p

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