Monday, March 24, 2008

Random ~

21.03.2008 ~ 23.03.2008

have been shopping a lot during weekends. from friday to sunday. fuu~ crazy us. btw, not gonna post it too long, juz summarize it and photos. hehe.

friday, 21st march, we went to queenstown, chinese garden, boon lay and orchard.


taking pic with Lin Ze Xu. =)

this was the view before it rains.

and this was the view when it was raining.

so sad, juz reached chinese garden's main gate then started to rain le. which mean we are forced to return and come back again another day. din get to explore more in chinese garden. sayang*

to queenstown~

scared of walking everyday already. haha=p


there are here!

during nite time, we went to orchard road, takashimaya to meet my aunts and we had a dinner. so happy to see them! juz like a small home reunion. miss miss* after that, we went back home, real damn tired. walked from morning till nite. =/

saturday, 22nd march , shopping agen. =D we went to bugis, Far East PlazA @ newton and orchard. my gosh!! when u guys come to sg, muz go bugis street! there sell a lot of cheap cheap and nice nice de clothes, which cost $10 per piece only! and accessories, belts and those, really cheap till u can laugh. haha. =p example, a bling bling in brunei can cost u $10~$20 plus, but here, $5 pun dapat le la. haha. =D =D i bought stuffs too. XD ~


Sunday, 23rd march, we went to jurong east and ang mo kio. look!! i've bought this CJ7's stuff toy! muahhaaa. finally! $7.95. haha.

CUTE rite? XD ~

Monday, 24.03.2008

We had Assimilation Program (AP) which is organised by International Student Club (ISC), RP. i really did enjoy and had fun in this program. it's something like orientation for this club lo. i think so. ehe. =p we played lots of games, met new frens and seniors. it's juz great!

BUT, there was one thing that i dun really enjoy it, that is i was selected to perform on stage with a funny, crazy and stupid dance. hhaha. really cant imagine how i danced. =p lol. spoiled my reputation. alrite, forget abt it. =p then, almost at the end of the AP, there's a program or selection (or something that i duno wat to call) called MR RPI and MISS RPI. for ur information, RPI stands for Republic Polytechnic International. we, the foreign students are called as international students. so can say that which are RPI students. hehe. and guess wat? i was selected as MISS RPI. =D. haha. unexpected and shocked!

Miss RPI and Mr RPI. he's David, malaysian too. ahha. proud proud to be malaysian* =p

lai~ closer a bit. juz cant stop being vain* XD ~

the prize that i get for it.

some of my team members + seniors.
those ppl are juz craaaazy and funny.. so hyper and active! laughter everywhere and non stop! haha. gosh~ laughed from morning till the end and my wrinkles are going to come out, very soon.
~ XD ~

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