Monday, March 31, 2008

My observation

One month in SG already, i observed a few things here. 1) Why do people in Singapore (or singaporeans) walk so fast? Are they born to be like that? Well, they walk fast because: First, they are rushing for the MRT. In MRT stations, u can see people walking or even run very fast just to catch up the next coming MRT. duh ~ MRTs come every 5~8mins ma, why do they need to rush? make hair and clothes messy only. wahaha. =p Second, they walk fast because they are rushing for the traffic. Green light GO, Red light STOP. that's simple. =D and third, they walk fast because they are late for work or school! haha. if not, why would they need to walk so fast? =p. wild guess only actually. XD ~ or else, they are really born or trained to walk that fast lo. no offense ah. 2) okie, the 2nd observation. i found out that the people (girls) here, they are quite pretty and wear very pretty and nice on top, but then when i look down, they wear slippers. slippers as in rubber or plastic de oh, like going for picnic on the beach. was really shocked when i saw this first time lo. semi-formal and cool cool on top, but "cincai" at the bottom. haha. that's typical singaporeans. no offense also ah. peace peace* juz voice out my views. =D ------------------------------------------------- went to Chinatown just now, suddenly miss my family sooo sooo much! because we lived there when we came to singapore during end of Feb, to accompany me. ooOOOoo~ here comes the homesick agen. HAHA. aiyo, miss the time when we were there lo. ='( i miss u, mummy ~ school gonna reopen very soon, going to have RP orientation these few days. hope it will be fun! getting bored nowadays, dunno why and dunno bcuz of wat. ahhhH ~ =/ ta ta ~

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