Saturday, March 15, 2008



i feel like i'm getting fatter now. So, we decided to go our school's gym yesterday.

here we are~ exercise exercise..

yea, we planned to keep fit! haha XD. during that nite, we ate a lot. -.-"" sia sia saja. aha


Woke up early this morning, went to DBS Bank to open account, then went to OCBC Bank to pay tuition fees. finally! everything settled! (left the school enrolment thingy only) phew~ =D

after that, we went to Ang Mo Kio (AMK). accompanied Frances to do her things. of cuz, shopping will not be missed out (since we were there already)! we juz jalan jalan and kia kia nia lo. the stuffs there are quite cheap. u can find $10~$20 dollars shoes overthere!

these all cost $19.90 only.

AMK Hub, the place we went today.

24hours MacD. who will come out and eat at macdonald during REAL late midnite oh?

then, i followed jolin to her aunt's house. Jolin baked oreo cheese cake for them. too bad we cant managed to eat it today, cuz need to wait for a day 1st. haha. later that nite, her aunt and her family brought us to a restaurant nearby a river to have dinner. Thumbs up for the curry fish head! yummy! XD~ they sent us back to hostel after that. *thanks, auntie and uncle~ =D*


What a tired and fun day! XD i can see my GREEN GREEN veins underneath my skins le~ ewww.. walked too much* haha.

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