Wednesday, March 5, 2008

These few days..

Hey Hey guys! First of all, sorry for being late here. i know u guys have been waiting for my new post, but sorry, quite busy these few days lo. plus, this post is sooo long, it took me few days to finish it. haha. well, i'm gonna talk abt these few days in singapore and i have sooo many things to tell u all. =D ps: sorry to inform that i dun have a nice phone and camera to take photo at the moment. And, LOOONNNGG post ahead. be ready! =D About my school, Republic Polytechnic (RP) hmm.. the school campus is really big and nice! wooshh.. u may get lost if u walk alone. for me, this campus is like a small town. u can find stores here like Seven Eleven, small shops which sell a lot of things that u need. they even have shop called "SUI" which is organised by students of RP. cool huh. then, there are 3 food courts, the air-cond food, non air-cond food court, and the third one opening soon. these food courts are very big. there are many types of food u can find over here. western food, chinese food, japanese food, korean food, and more more more. and one thing, the foods here are very cheap compare with brunei and outside of school in singapore. for example, in chinese food stall, u order fastfood: meat + veggie + rice = $1.80 only. cheap huh? wahaha. shuang dao~ =p Actually i'm not good in describing. how nice if i have a camera now so that i can juz post up some pics and let u all see. sigh~ okie, back to the point. The library is very big too! CHMS has a big two-storey library too rite? Here, is like how many times of CHMS de library ah. phew~ got sport complex too (big also. haha. everything big de.) , olympic-size swimming pool, big big courts for different kind of sports. and more more more. haha. actually i haven really go around my school campus lo, cuz it's too big, scare i might get lost. so juz guai guai stay at room. haha. =p might post up some photos after sometimes. =/ the ppl here in RP are friendly and nice. they are helpful too. this RP is tooo international le la. many races like china ppl, vietnamese, myanmar, indonesians, indians, and more. bu xi guan ah, not used to it. haha. and, some of their faces are familiar, cant recognise their names. haha. so paiseh to ask their name for second and third time, always. =p My hostel @ RP Now, the hostel that i live. the hostel is nice. like condominium/hotel. 3 rooms in one unit and 2 person share a room. everything is fully furnished (i guess). good environment. the view from the balcony to JOHOR is very nice too. but something which i dun like is, the signal up there is very BAD. i'm using sg line but then it can jump to malaysia line. maxis, digi, celcom and those. tut* haha. the reason is, our school is located at the nothern part of singapore, and our hostel is almost at the end of the north part. 20mins to the custom point and there u can reach johor le. so near huh. =) maybe it's bcuz malaysia de signal is stronger than singapore's, that's why singapore's signal has no power to fight back. haha. apakan. that's the disadvantage. And, another thing that i dun really like. the habit of my housemates. they are so unhygienic man! how shud i describe ei? u can see rubbish here and there, hairs around the floor, yucky stuffs, and especially the toilet! ewww~! feel like wanna vomit when think about it. haha. and yada yada yada. all i can say is.. EWWW! u wont want to know wat i saw. really disgusting man! i dun understand how can they live in this kind of environment. all my housemates are from china. so u can imagine that their living style at their own country. My room mate hai okie lo, not bad. hehe. But good news here, i'm gonna move to another unit, which is together with brunei de frens ( gonna talk abt them later) this april. cant wait! =D Frens from Brunei Brunei's frens, Jolin, Frances, Gui Ping and a guy Shiung ye. We met and get to know each other when we had our entrance test in brunei. about that guy, shiung ye, we all din really talk much and contact with him as he's a quiet guy. i think so. hehe. so, basically only we gals talk and gather together everyday. We exchange our contact number while in brunei so that we can keep in touch whenever there's any prob. we started to get closer and closer eversince we came to sg. well, all i can say is, i really have to thanks them for being so helpful and kind. especially jolin and frances. they brought me to do medical check up, student pass and everything. without them, i really dunno wat to do if i come here alone. like lost in the jungle. haha. they never say no when u need help, they always care about u, everytime and anywhere, and they will never ignore u. i'm so lucky to have them! really appreciate it. jolin is like a big sister to us (although she's younger than me about 1 year), she leads and do the starting always, which makes us feel comfortable and safe. like got "an quan gan" when staying with her. wow.. wat can i say? =) hugs* Me, my feelings, my confession everyone's asking me :" how's school and life overthere?" well, basically it's ok kua. school is okay, juz that i'm the one who got problems. talking about last few days now, i totally have no voice. it's soo hard for me to communicate with frens. sore throat and weak. juz like a mute girl who can only moves her lips/ whisper and do actions to express her opinions and feelings. that kind of feeling was very bad. i felt helpless and lost. plus, terrible HOMESICK eversince my mom left singapore. i noe it's only few days in singapore nia (u might say that), but i really cant control it. i cry everyday when i think about brunei, my frens and especially my family! i cry when i saw messages from frens and family in brunei, received calls and even thinking of them! @#$%^ i miss home sooo much and at that time, i was really regret to come to sg for further study. how i wish i never went to the seminar talk, applied for md already and terus go in. always got that "chong dong" to rush back to brunei and give up my studies in sg. my tears "produce" non-stop everyday, heart felt very bitter and sour, as if like gonna collapse. sounds so kua zhang rite? but it's true. i tot i can manage this independent life, i tot i can face these difficulties myself, i tot i'm ready to go and i tot i wont get homesick. but who knows, it's TOTALLY different! i was wrong, very wrong. i seek help from frens to cheer me up, to encourage me. really depress and down at that time. some of u told me that this is the stage that u have to face when u study overseas, it'll be fine after somedays. BUT THIS STAGE IS REALLY HARD. SO SUFFERING AND TORTURING. it's like squeezing ur heart at the time. so, here's an advice. it u're not ready yet, dun go for overseas study yet. wait till u're ready, then u may fly~ trust me. =) last nite, we (the 4 gals, me, jolin, gui ping, frances) chit chat at one of us de apartment. at first we were talking about class de thingy. then dunno who start talking about HOME. i think it's me. haha. i kept asking them whether they miss home or not. cuz i was curious whether if i'm the only one who misses home very much ma. then tok tok till about family those, then all of us started to "rain". haha! everyone was taking tissues to wipe their faces. if i'm not mistaken, i think we cried for 1 hour and more le. really cant control ourselves. felt so shuang after crying 'hard hard'. haha. woosh~ so, never mention about HOME in front of me ah, if not, for sure i'll cry in front of u. =p dun laugh, it's true! i cried in front of laptop, when on calls, in front of frens and in front of mirror. haha. sigh~ my brain, my mind, my heart and my watever keep flying back to brunei non-stop, everyday. ='( ='( but now, i think i'm feeling better le. i have my voice back , but still deep and sexy. haha. not feeling that terrible as b4. hope i'll get well soon! everything will be sun sun li li! =D *quick quick pass thru this so called yucky-stage and everything will be fine!* thanks to those who cheer me up, encourage me and give me advices. really appreciate it. zhen de. hugs! without u all, dunno wat will i be now. haha=p. btw, this is my temporary singapore line, +6590945016. can text me if u need k. will post up abt my independent life and school thingy after sometimes. =) still got lots of things to share with u! =D and, hope all of these answer ur questions! thanks. =D CHEERS~! i miss u all.. ='(

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ah dettez said...

everyone says its a stage you have to go through... but no one ever said it was easy.... it's hard, its torturing, but soon, you will pass that stage... you jus gotta be strong... look yourself in the mirror everyday and keep telling yourself, "i will be strong, and i can do this!" and you will be able to... if you keep thinking about crying, then i think sg will flood soon.. kiddin!

well anyway, take care yea.. miss yaz... (hey, no cryin oh!) if u need someone to chat to or bug, u can almost always catch me online... esp like 12am,1am,2am+++... take care n cheer up! *hugz*