Thursday, March 20, 2008

few days ago~

few days ago, jolin and i went to a concert! wuhhoo~ CONCERT wor~

who's concert who's concert?? SHE? Jolin Tsai? MAy Day??

HAHA. XD ~ DUH~ no la. not those singers' concert la. it's only singapore primary school, Sembawang Primary School. it's their concert. all performances like singing (choir), dancing, drama, and chinese orchestra! all hosted by those primary students. this concert was held at our school, @ THE REPUBLIC CULTURAL CENTRE.

the lil cute MCs. they speak well and very talented. and they are only in primary level.

chinese orchestra, pro ~. *i miss chms chinese orchestra! =( they really played very very well and i have to admit that they play much more better than chms chinese orchestra. haha=p

choir ~ Grace, this make me think of u. the conductor and the pianist! =D

dancing performances ~

the finale. wat a big group! XD ~
they are only primary students and they performed well. clap clap*

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