Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rainy season~

it has been a week singapore keep on "crying". the climate changes its mood everytime. rain -> sunny -> windy -> rain -> sunny. what happen oh? period ka? HAHA. washed clothes hardly can dry. =( running out of hangers le la. haha. We need sunlight!

well, today is the project presentation. i'm so lucky that i din involve in any group or projects. cuz i came late for this course. i was very bored in the class, watching their presentations till fall asleep! wahaha. it's not bcuz their presentations are boring, but actually some of the presentations were really sien lo, juz that i really had nothing to do in class, from 9am to 5pm. =/

these are the photos taken in class today. due to 'siensation'. =p

During presentation. actually this is the style of learning in RP. we solve, present and speak out, everyday.. =/

classrooms are full of laptops. lelong lelong~ who want? juz take it! XD

mei nu, rachel and avril! they are cute. especially the green shirt! cute and pretty! wahaha. =p was trying to take the individual pic of avril secretly, but she looked here and waved lagi. kek dao~ haha.

view of johor. blurry~ it's raining.

view from hostel, ground floor. school. *rained.

vainity strikes agen. =p thanks to jolin's cammy! haha.

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